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Adessa Silk Eyelashes 2017 - E -

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Professional eyelash extension and compression in different techniques. Working material, eyelash trays in various lengths and bends, tweezers, eye pads, eyelash glue, ...

silk eyelashes Styling &

silk eyelashes Styling & Care Expressive glances, wrapped in voluminous, expressive eyelashes are an essential component of our beauty ideal and grant the wearers (that’s us) a secure, self-confi dent appearance. Natural eyelashes that conform to this beauty idea are of course rare. For this reason famous make-up artists for the stars and top models have long relied on the eyelash-extension method. Adessa silk eyelashes– natural effect in perfection! The revolutionary Adessa Silk Eyelashes will bring this dream to reality for your customers, too! With Adessa Silk Eyelashes you achieve an effect of full lengthening and/or thickening of natural eyelashes, as if nature has done her best! The impressive part is: Adessa Silk Lashes feel so light, so fl exible and natural that you’ll think they’re your own! Don’t leave your customers merely dreaming about having a seductive glance any more, but bring their dream to life! Adessa Silk Eyelashes can make it happen! Whether eyelashes with colourful effects and glitter, Diva Eyes or Dramatic Eyes or completely natural. Adessa Silk Lashes always lend you and your customers the prefect look without a lot of effort! Techniques Your customer wants perfect, absolutely natural-seeming eyelashes? Or is she after a voluminous look for everyday wear? Would she like to dive into the world of stars and starlets for a while and thrill people with a glance like they do on the red carpet in Hollywood? Let you customer choose from among four different application techniques. You as an Adessa lash stylist will of course give her extensive advice about the type of application that is best suited for her type of lashes. Natural – Adessa Silk Eyelash Extension classic With this type of application only one silk lash is fi xed on a natural lash. Volume – Adessa Silk Eyelash Extension 2D and 3D With this type of application two or three silk lashes are fi xed on a natural lash. Hollywood – Adessa Silk Eyelash Extension maxx volume With this type of application four to seven silk lashes are fixed to a natural lash. Note: We recommend 2D or 3D technique for customers with blond, weak or few natural eyelashes instead of maxx volume. Technik hollywood Adessa Silk Eyelash Extension maxx volume Technique natural Adessa Silk Eyelash Extension classic licensed by Health and Beauty Germany GMBH. Info under 193

silk eyelashes | Professional equipment 5 % discount compared to individual purchases! Adessa Success-Kit “S” Contents: • 1x Adessa speed gold • 1x Adessa silk lashes premium intense black mixed tray C curl 0.15 • 1x Adessa silk lashes premium intense black mixed tray C curl 0.2 • 1x Adessa glue crystal • 1x Adessa eye pads type C, 10 pairs • 1x Adessa Microfi brebrushes size M, 100 pieces • 1 x Adessa Mascara Brush, 10 pieces • 1x Adessa Pinzette straight, 12,3 cm • 1x Adessa Pinzette straight, 11 cm • 1x Lintfree Applicator, 100 pieces • 1x Adessa shopping identifi cation/authorization card • 1x Adessa cleansing milk • 1x Adessa toner • 1x Adessa Cotton pads, 40 pieces • 1x impulse dappen dish diamond Art.-No. 10000-S 194

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